How to transfer iPhone contact to Samsung

It’s been a long time since my last post.
Well I’m going to share with you all something I found it so convenient and efficient!

I just got my Samsung Galaxy S3 a month ago due to my iPhone 4 was being stolen at Wisma Atria Isetan Shoes Department! 😥
However, I’m so blessed that I got a Samsung sponsor and I only paid for $178 to get the new phone. 🙂

I was having this issue of transferring all my iPhone contacts to my Samsung S3. I have tried to google it and found out that I can save the contact from iTunes to my Google contact then transfer to Samsung. However, I don’t know what’s going wrong, I have tried to sync it a lot of time but nothing was shown in my Google contact.

One day, when I was meeting my friend for dinner, I had bought it out and discussed with him how to do it. After one hour trying and brainstorming, finally we found a super efficient solution!

Listen, the whole process only take us LESS THAN 5 MINUTES!!!
Step 1 – Download the application called “My Contact Backup” – the free version is enough.
Step 2 – Run the app and Backup all the contacts. (it takes you less than 2mins)
Step 3 – Email the .VCF file to your Google account.
Step 4 – Open the Google account by using Samsung S3
Step 5 – Click the file and it will have a pop out screen asking you download to ‘contact’ or ‘folder’. Choose ‘Contact’ and after downloading, IT’S DONE!!!

This is so super duper fast and easy!
Hope it does help you too! ^^