About Hannee

My name is Han Nee(涵妮), you can call me Hannee, or Honey which is easier to remember.

I am a person who can be sweet + evil, and always wants to make a difference in life!

I like food, but I used to allergy with all type of meats since 11 years old (animal from flying from the sky, the ground running to the water travel). Although now I have recovered, but I still not used to the meaty taste, and only consume fish. This is the reason why I work in F&B industry as I can be ‘choosy’ for the food without paying a single cent. 😛

I like to explore different things, go different places, eat different food, try different activities, meet different people…etc. I believe that “Happiness is the progressive creation of every different experience in life.~Han Nee” New experience will always make us excited and make our life fulfilling. Don’t you think so?

I love my family, although there were some unhappiness and tough time when I was young. However, it also empowers me to become a family oriented person. I am happy with what my family is today. We might not be rich but my parents are able to live in a healthy and no-stress lifestyle; siblings are bonding and helping each other; and my beloved grandma who is getting healthier.

I love this quote: The only thing in life that will always remain unchanged, is Change! If you are not happy with your life, change it! Change your life and make a difference in other people life! 🙂