A Memorable Mid Autumn Festival 2012

Quote of the Day:

“Life is like the dice that, falling, still show a different face. So life, though it remains the same, is always presenting different aspects.”
~ Alexis ~


What a peaceful and memorable Mid Autumn Festival with my precious secondary schoolmates and beloved family.
It’s also a busy month ordering and buying my hometown signature Mooncake (南益&源发上海月饼) to my colleagues, landlord and mail it to my special friend in Penang, although I’m not a very mooncake person.

Besides buying mooncake, I have also received some mooncake from friends.
Guess what is it?

1. DAP Mooncake from Penang (never know DAP will create their brand product) – this is from a great friend from Penang.
Cute packaging! Thanks for the gift and all the way from Penang to Singapore!

2. You Gang Mooncake 游港月饼 (上海单黄莲蓉) from my hometown, Kluang – from a very good friend which we know each other for 13 years.
This is also one of the signature mooncake from Kluang. Unfortunately, I just heard that the pastry chef have already passed away due to the stressful schedule of the mooncake making. 😥

On the 29th September, it’s also a special day for our class because it’s our class 5S1 1st wedding after graduated for 10 years! Amazing right?

Our handsome groom of the day, Hong Tak, who is a doctor now and the top student in our class. We made a joke that he is alway be the first even married. :p

Wine of the day, Crane Lake Merlot from Carlifornia. Love the taste as it’s very smooth yet not too sweet.

At the same day of the night, after having a simple reunion homemade steamboat dinner with my beloved family and grandmother, I went to one of the classmate’s house and we have a small mid autumn festival gathering with secondary schoolmate.

We have some Chinese tea and snack, playing with candle and lantern, and chit chatting at the same time.

This is me, representing the class writing the ‘wishes’ on the lantern.

Everyone is concentrating!

The men are lighting the lantern.

Finally! The lantern ‘flew’ successfully!

Sometimes, happiness doesn’t rely on the event or occasion, but the people surrounding us make the difference!