My First Experience in Animal Shelter

Quote of the Day:

“All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.”
~ Samuel Butler ~


This is my first time visit to animal shelter – Mdm Wong’s Shelter. I only had a hamster before but after he dead 4 years ago, i never own a pet again. However I still like animal very much and it feels great to be surrounded by so many big doggies and cute kitties!


When I first step into this shelter, I am really impressed and respect Mdm Wong who is taking care more than 200 dogs and cats herself! Her kindness and dedication towards these animal has touched a lot of people hearts and I think this is the reason why there are getting more and more volunteers coming and helping up in the shelter.

During my first time visit, my bf, his mum and I was very excited. We met Rachata, who is the regular volunteer at Mdm Wong’s Shelter. She was very friendly and patiently gave us a tour and explained to us every dogs’ names, habits and their backgrounds. You will know how good is her relationship with the doggies as everytime when she step into the kennel, the dogs will swing their tails and play with her.
This is Rachata, the lady who stand behind me with the little ‘crown’ on her hair. 🙂

Most of the dogs here are rescued dogs, mixed dogs (‘Mongrel’) or abandon pets. They are actually very friendly although some might look fierce. It feels great to be surrounded and played with so many dogs and cats in one time and they won’t bite or harm you.

Rachata was playing with the doggies!

Hannee vs Honey! She has the same name with me! 🙂

He is ready to go for walking after showering! *Excited*

The kitties palace! There are about more than 20 cats here! All cats are being well taken care by Mdm Wong until getting fatter and fatter!

This is “Ah Pui”, meaning “fatty”. She is really very cute and pluffly! According to Mdm Wong, this is the result of her being lazy to move and always eat a lot! She also doesn’t like other cats which will follow us but always find her own space to stay.

This is the doggies meal! Their eating timing is at 4pm daily, one meal per day. Some of them can eat up to 3 big plates!


If you are an animals lover and would like to join as a volunteer, or if you feel like adopting a dog or cat as a pet, you can email me or refer to their Facebook Page: Mdm Wong’s Shelter and Friends.


Normally they have 2 volunteering activities on weekend, you can choose either weekly or fortnightly:
1) Dog Bather
2) Dog Walker

Feel free to pm me if you have any queries. I would be more than happy to help and refer you to the person incharge. 🙂