My First Diving Experience

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“The only thing in life that will always remain the same, is Change!”
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I have been dragging quite a long time to write this blog as I was trying to gather more photos of my diving test at Pulau Aur. Finally, I get to start this excited diving journey to you all.

It was a really fun and great experience in my life! Since my Redang trip at 2009, I have been craving to get this diving license so that I can have a chance to explore this mysterious underwater world.

The start of the scuba diving journey…
This was actually one of my valentines gift (note: 50% sponsor only :p). I was so happy when I saw this and he brought me to register on the valentines day itself to book the theory and the practical schedule.

The diving school is called Friendly Water Seasport, located at The Riverwalk (near Clarke Quay). As the beginner for recreational scuba diving, we need to start from Open Water course. If you are already a certified diver, they also provide scuba diving training from SDI from beginner courses to instructor level and offer 6 different diving courses for you to choose based on your ‘diving needs’.

Open Water Course
– basic level of certification for recreational scuba diving.
– include 2 theory classes, 1 pool side training + 3 days 2 night diving training at Pulau Aur, Johor.
– Rental of equipment
– Course Fee: S$550

For scuba diving, safety is the most important thing! The instructor, Dave Yiu and Alvin spent a lot of time explaining and emphasizing the safety check and procedure during our 2 theory classes and 1 pool side diving. My boyfriend who learnt from other diving centre before also commented that the instructors were very professional in teaching us and even kept ‘forcing’ us to remember the safety check before, during and after diving.
This is me in dive suit during the pool side training at The Riverwalk apartment roof top swimming pool. After we do the safety check of the equipment at the diving centre, we moved up to the roof top with our dive suit. The night scene there was very nice, however I didn’t really get to enjoy the view as I was freezing due to the strong wind.


The actual Diving Experience at Pulau Aur…

This was my first time to Pulau Aur. It is a very beautiful, clean and relaxing place.
The view of Pulau Aur from my diving lodge. Isn’t it beautiful?

This is our diving trip itinerary:

30 March (Friday)

  1. 6.30pm – Gather at Riverwalk to take coach to Johor.  *** My boyfriend, our guy friend and I chose to drive there as my boyfriend need to go back Singapore earlier on Sunday.
  2. 11.00pm – reach Mersing Jetty and travel to Pulau Aur.  ***As it was a Friday night, there was always a long queue and jammed at the custom. Therefore, we departed at 7pm but by the time we reached the Mersing Jetty it was already 11pm plus.

31 March (Saturday)

  1. 4.00am – Reach Pulau Aur and rest in  the lodge
  2. 7.30am – Wake up and breakfast
  3. 8.30am – Gather for briefing
  4. 9.30am – Started the FIRST DIVE!! We have our 3 dive today until 6pm (if I’m not wrong)
  5. 8.00pm – BBQ buffet dinner!
  6. 10.30pm – Sleeping time…

1 April (Sunday)

  1. 8.00am – Wake up & breakfast
  2. 9.00am – Fourth & also the last dive
  3. 12.30pm – Shower, packed and heading back to Mersing Jetty
  4. 4.30pm – Reach Mersing Jetty *** We drive back to Singapore by passing Jalan Kota Tinggi & stopped at my hometown -Kluang to have the nice Ramlee Burger & delicious Ice Kacang shaving! Slurp…
  5. 10.00pm – Reach Singapore. *** It’s all because of the heavy jammed at Tuas Checkpoint!



The jetty was really crowded with people queuing and waiting for the board. There are some other regular leisure divers too.
Me on the ferry.

The ferry was actually not very big and it could take about 40 people I guess. Luckily my friends and I managed to get a seat in the ferry. It was actually raining with strong wind at the half of the journey until some of the bottles, luggage and even people dropping down on the floor.

Night view of the Friendly Water lodge at 4.00am, super shake!

The day time look of the lodge.

Personally I don’t really like the room.
The bed sheet was quite dusty and the towels were clean but looked old with some unremovable stains. At the end we use the towel to cover the bed sheet and pillow to sleep. 😦

Our room number, 007! It was a double decker double bedroom.

We gathered at 8.30am after our breakfast. I must say the food is not bad although the setting is not up to my standard. The instructor gave us some briefing and did the safety check test before we went down to the sea.

Cooling morning before diving…

This is the Dive Computer Device, in short dive com. This is like our ‘life calculator’ and it’s important when we go down to the sea and help us constantly keep track of the dive depth and dive timing. Normally one dive should be set around 40mins for beginner. It also helps us to check how many dives we did in order for us to calculate our nitrogen level in the body.

This is my instructor, Alvin giving briefing and demonstration at the platform before we dived. We had to swim 200 meters back and forth without any gears in the beginning. However, I only managed to swim through 200 meters but couldn’t swim back as the current for me was too strong. At the end my instructor came to ‘rescue’ me back to the platform, super embarrassing!

After checking equipment and gearing up, we ready to go!

This group photo was taken during our first dive. I’m the second person from the left. The ‘long legs’ guy beside me is my dive buddy, called Alvin too! 🙂

We had a total of 4 dives at the first day. Every dive we learnt and practiced different exercises and safety action to take during emergency.

After showering, they already prepared us a BBQ buffet dinner. Everything was being cooked on the spot, the smell of the food kept blowing toward us and made us feeling even more hungry.

The barbecue bit

The one and only one bar at this area.

The buffet setting and eating area.

The next day we had only one more dive before heading back Singapore in the afternoon. We had given a diving log book to record every dive that we did and signed by the dive master. As the first training dive, the instructor will determine whether you are qualify to be the diver or retake the training again. As for us, yes and definitely all my group members were passed!

Manage to snap some times to take some photos after the last dive.

The dazzle sun glare with strong wind.

This was the small boat which we took to travel to the platform every time we dived.

I must say this was really a great and wonderful experience for me. Although I don’t have the underwater camera to capture every precious moment underwater, but this I was glad that I had fulfilled by dream to become a diver and have a chance to enjoy this mysterious and beautiful world. For those who intended to get the diving license, what are you waiting for? It’s really not that tough! 🙂

P/S: Finally I have my official diving license after one month on the 1st week of May! Yappie!