A Day at Sentosa and Mount Faber Jewel Box

Quote of the Day:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”
~ Epicurus ~


We bought this ticket almost half a year ago and always “never have time to go”. Finally, a few day before it expired, we really ‘made an effort’ to schedule a Saturday, put down everything and just go.

Anyway, it was a very fun one day trip experience in Sentosa. I always went there for drinks or chilled out, but never really step in these few places before.

It was a great deal of this ticket. It includes 2 ways cable car transfer + the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom with bird feeding plus high tea + the Maritime Experience Museum & Aquarium + Segway Fun Ride, only $38 per person. 🙂

This picture was taken at the Mount Faber Jewel Box Cable Car Transit place. The view is nice and there is a cafe for you to enjoy the food and beautiful view.

Ready for cable car!


Busy taking photo inside the cable car while there were actually 3 Korean ladies sitting together with us. One of them even covered the eyes due to fear of heights.

Our first stop is the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. It felt like going back to the childhood time when we always looking forward to go to zoo and parks.


The feeling was great to have so many butterflies surrounding us!


My first time seeing so many pupa lining.


Next is the bird feeding session. The parrots and lories are beautiful but guess they had been feeding since morning till evening, every birdie didn’t seems like interested in the food.





Finally there were one lory and one parrot ‘willing’ to give us some faces to have some intimate interactions with us.

Next, we passed by a small alley and there were some insects displaying at the display boxes. Although I scared of them sometimes but they are really cute and beautiful!

Rhino Beetles, it’s like a black soldier!
Here is some Rhino beetles facts for your info:rhino beetles facts


Forget the actual name of this beetle species.


The Stick Insect, the normal size is as long as a human face. Here is some facts about the stick insect for your info:Cool Facts about Stick Insect


The little Black Scorpion, love this picture so much!


Can you count how many “phylliidae leaf insect” in this picture?


Next, we entered a place like an insect museum. There are a lot of insect specimens being displayed in the boxes against the wall.


I love these 2 butterflies in the middle! Don’t you find them beautiful?

The giant grasshopper specimens.


There was a bench where the staff was displaying the real live stick insect and rhino beetle for us to see closely and have a touch of them.



Next, we took a bus to the Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium.


The different view and feel of the maritime experiential museum entrance.

There is a “Maritime Silk Route” exhibition when we first entered the museum. They are the first in the region that celebrates the diversity and richness of Asia’s maritime history, provides a fascinating look into the history of the maritime silk route, maritime trade along the Straits of Malacca and its surroundings from 9th to 19th century.


Both fake “Zheng He”.

Camel at Oman

After the “Maritime Silk Route” journey, we went to watch an interactive video of “Admiral Zheng He”. There is a showpiece of the a full-sized replica of his treasure ship (Bao Chuan) which is just in front of the entrance and being surrounded by the small ships.


There is a lion head attached with the bow at the ship. The bow reveals a screen which is playing an introductory video to the voyages of Admiral Zheng He every 20 minutes in Mandarin with English subtitles.

You will be impressed that from 1405 to 1433, Zheng He led his fleet to voyage to the Western Sea for seven times. The number of ships of his fleet was from 40 to 63 each time, taking many soldiers and sailors on the voyage, with a total party over 27,000 people. Zheng He history

Actually we made a wrong sequence in the visiting. Next time if you come here, it will be better if you watch the introductory video first before you proceed to the interactive Maritime Silk Route exhibition. Don’t forget the Maritime Archeology Gallery where an array of precious artifacts from Bakau shipwreck and Temasek archeological site awaits you.

After this, it’s almost dawn. We were like running marathon and proceed to the next station, Segway® Fun Ride!
This was my first experience riding a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). It was so fun! Here is the link for the pricing and info: Segway® Fun Ride

After gearing up, we would need to queue for the simple basic training to familiarise ourselves with the Segway.

The instructor would teach you how to go up and down, move ahead, backwards and left/right by leaning your body (forwards/backwards) and tilting the handles to twist, turn and inclined slopes, and also the safety guide and action to take. It was quite easy actually. But you would be envious and impressed when you see the instructors being able to drift with it!

After training and ready to go! 🙂

The trail is like a garden walk and the whole journey is only about 5 minutes. We had it for two rounds and I was glad that I was able to move faster and faster. It feels like riding a bicycle without moving your legs. It is a creative and bravo design!

Finally it’s dinner time! We went to the Skyloft Bar at iFly Singapore. It’s a rooftop bar restaurant with a cozy and romantic ambience. We chose an outdoor seat against the glass wall. You can have a bird’s eye view of the daily fireworks display from “Songs of the Sea” at Sentosa while enjoying the culinary specially prepared by the chef.



The ‘free fireworks show’ from the Song of the sea.



We ordered a pizza to share, with a glass of red and a glass of white wine. Due to the rushing time of the last cable car back to Mount Faber, we ‘ran’ back to the station and luckily we were on time!

After touch down the Mount Faber cable car station, we decided to have our second round chilled out time to compensate the rushing dinner just now. There is a dining cafe called Sapphire at The Jewel Box which is just right below the cable car station.

The entrance of The Jewel Box.
You can refer to this link for more information: The Jewel Box, Mount Faber

Due to the lighting constrained, I wasn’t able to take the spectacular view of the Harbour and relaxing nature environment of this cafe. We ordered a pasta to share and I had a hot chocolate. It’s a good place for weekend outing if you are sake of the crowded city area.

This is a day with a lot of fun and fulfillments! For those who would like to have something different for your weekend, this can be one of your choice! 🙂

Here is the summary of my itinerary for your reference:-
1) Mount Faber Jewel Box Cable Car Transit
2) Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom with bird feeding
3) Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium
4) Segway® Fun Ride!
5) Skyloft Bar at iFly Singapore + ‘complimentary’ Song of the sea fireworks show
6) Sapphire at The Jewel Box