Food Hunt – My Favourite Singapore Local Food

Honey Quote of the Day:

“A way to man’s heart is through his stomach, that shit true as gold. You put some love in your food and a fool can taste it.”
~Raelle Tucker~


Sometimes a lot of people will always think that Singapore does not have nice local food compare with Malaysia. However, after staying here for 3 years, I personally felt that this isn’t really true, if we are willing to look for it, or we have the ‘makan’ peer hunting food with us together, you will find that Singapore actually do have a lot of delicious local food.

Here are some eating places which I tried and will recommend my friends when they pay a visit to Singapore.

1. Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant (Add: 185/187/189/191 Jalan Besar)
I have introduced this place at my previous blog. You can refer to this:- 

I can’t say the dim sum here is fantastic but they are quite unique. Why they are so special is because they are the only dim sum restaurant operating in the midnight with comfortable food. Their signature Mee-Suan Kueh and handmade Shanghai Ramen are the best selling food.


2. Xiang Ji Roasted Meat and Noodle House (Add:  Blk 684 Hougang Ave 8)
This restaurant has been serving roast duck for over 20 years. Their signature Roasted Duck Rice and Char Siew Wanton Noodle ($3.00) is always the Hougang neighborhood all time favorite. It’s not the best but one of the best.


3. Kimly Seafood Restaurant 金味海鲜(Add: Blk 684 Hougang Ave 8)
Kimly Seafood Restaurant is a tze char chain with many outlets around the island and one of it’s outlet is located at the same coffee shop with the wanton noodle above-mentioned. I’ve tried quite a lot of their dishes and most of them are quite good.


Stir-fried Di Wang Miao($6-promotion price); Asam Fish Head ($13 – promotion price); Signature Beancurd  with Broccoli ($10); Crispy “Sha Pi” Chicken


Their Signature San Lou Hor Fun 三捞河粉 ($4) and Bitter gourd slice fish rice, 苦瓜鱼片饭 ($5)

4. Ponggol Nasi Lemak 榜鹅椰浆饭 (Add: 965 Upper Serangoon Road) 
The origin of the Ponggol Nasi Lemak is located at the Upper Serengoon Road, near to Kovan mrt.
Their nasi lemak selling point is the fragrant coconut rice and the sambal chili. Almost every night you will see a long queue even it’s already 10pm! However, personally I felt that it’s a little overprice with this kind of quality.


5. Jie Traditional Bread Cafe 杰传统面包咖啡 (Add: 953 Upper Serangoon Road)
A very simple coffee shop which is just 5 minutes walking distance from the Ponggol Nasi Lemak shop. I like their bread, it’s so soft yet chewy, the taste is closer to my hometown bread which I have introduced in my previous blog,, not like those Yakun or Toast Box bread which is soft but ‘empty’. Should try!


6. Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice 美芝律剪刀剪咖喱饭 (Add: 229 Jalan Besar)
One of the famous local food (economic rice) in Singapore. This is the original scissor cut curry rice, and yes, they are using scissor to cut most of the dishes and topping with the tangy curry sauce topping.
This is also the midnight food hunter favourite and the queue is always longer in the later time.


7. Tanglin Halt Food Centre – Hot & Cold Dessert 顺兴清甜五味汤 (Add: 1 Commonwealth Dr)

My colleague brought me here for lunch after an appointment. The first impression is why there is a lot of taxi parking at the car park? My colleague told me that taxi driver always know how to find the cheap and good eating place, so you will know this is a place which is worth to try!:)
After trying some of the food there, I personally prefer this dessert stall called 顺兴清甜五味汤。They have a lot of different variety of the dessert, the the most important thing is, the price is so CHEAP! All their dessert price is only from $1.00 to $2.00 only!

My colleague had his favorite Bo Bo Cha Cha 摩摩喳喳 ($1) and I order the Lotus Nut Paste 莲子羹 ($1.50) which hardly find in other dessert shop nowadays.

8. Golden Mile Food Centre -Ah Balling Peanut Soup 花生汤圆 (Block 505 Beach Road)
This sweet dumpling dessert – we called it ‘Tang Yuan’ shop has been around here at least 40 years. It warms my heart when my friend brought me to this place during Chinese Winter Solstice Festival, especially when I miss my grandma handmade tang yuan in Malaysia.

They have 4 different flavors of the glutinous rice balls, Black Sesame, Peanut, Red Bean, Yam Paste and Green Tea. You can choose either the ginger soup or peanut soup. One bowl is only selling $2.00! For those tang yuan lover, you should give a try!

9. Swee Guan Charcoal Hokkien Mee 水源福建面 (Add: Geylang Lor 29)
I wasn’t a fan of those white color noodle in the first place. But this Hokkien Mee had changed my mind. This is the best Hokkien Mee among those I have eaten in Singapore. Normally we will need to wait for 20mins to fry the Hokkien Mee. The chef will ‘hui guo’ for at least 2-3 times so that the noodle can fully absorb the prawn soup. The ‘wok hei’ for sure is one of the heaviest I ever had for Hokkien Mee.


10. Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园, Chinatown (Add: 67 Temple St)
This dessert shop has been around for many years, from one shop expended to two shops. Their dessert are very popular and always crowded especially during weekend ans it has become one of the tourist attraction in Chinatown. They even have their own website,

The Mango with Pomelo & Sago 杨枝甘露 ($3.50) is very smooth and the carrot cake ($2.20) is really soft and filling with a lot of shredded white carrot  .


  1. I’m staying at East of Singapore therefore most of the food above are founded in the east area. There are a lot of other nice food in the west area too!
  2. Although it’s called Singapore Local Food, but sometimes it’s also quite argumentative. So if you think that a dish had originated from your hometown or there is any incorrect information, you are always welcomed to share with me here.
  3. Stay tune for my next blog! 🙂