SuperStar Virgo Cruise

Honey Quote of the Day:

“”Happy is how we feel and how we think; it’s not what, who, which, when, where and how people give it to us!”


This is my first time and also my first company Food Fest F&B staff engagement trip at this SuperStar Virgo Cruise on April. It was a good experience, leisure and relaxing trip (but it might not apply to those ‘gamblers’…)

I did some research of the background before the trip. SuperStar Virgo is actually a Leo class cruise ship owned and operated by Star Cruises. She was built in 1999 by the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany.


I took this picture when I was on my way going on board. Love this picture very much especially when the sun shines on the side view of the cruise without any touch up or edit, it is just simply nice and and have a feel of the Tatanic. 🙂



We gathered at HarbourFront and went for custom checking. I was being warned by the officer when taking this picture… 😛


When I first entered the room, it’s better than what I imagined. Despite the space is a little small, the room is actually quite clean and cozy.



3 of us sharing this room and my roommate helped me to take this picture, while the other one wasn’t realizing that she was in the shot… 🙂

It’s Dinner Time! However, the International BBQ buffet is quite disappointed though… 😦

The dining area is a very nice place. It’s located at the level 7, surrounding the swimming pool n Jacuzzi. The whole view and feel before and after the sundown is actually very different and looks grand after all the lights up!

The dining area at the roof top.

The Front part of the cruise.

The art piece and statute at the centre of the cruise is beautiful and classy.
Love the golden horse and also the transparent lift with lighting going up and down behind.

The Library – A very cozy place for reading and resting.

Going for the magic show at Lido Theatre!

The Lido Theatre and the magic show stage.

This is at level 12, the other end of the cruise. It’s one of the less crowded, cooling and quiet area.

Same side but it’s at the top level at level 13, I called it the ‘helicopter parking’ place. 🙂

SS (shock sendiri) in the room before going for supper… 😛

After supper, I was sleeping at the sun tanning chair for almost 2 hours until they started to wash the place…the feeling was really nice with the wind blowing on the face and the sound of the sea. 🙂


Woke up around 8.30am for breakfast. Most of the staff were going to the same dining area where we had dinner yesterday, but we were smart enough and went to level 6 for dim sum at the Chinese Restaurant – The Pavilion Room…hehe
I must say this is the best food that I ate in the cruise among the 3 meals.

Besides the Dried Oyster Congee with Dried Scallop and Peanut, the rest were being served by the service staff. Remember don’t order the drink because the staff won’t tell you that the set is actually included a pot of Chinese tea.

After finished the breakfast, we just realized that there was a menu display at the entrance…

We had a walk around the cruise again before leaving. The view n scene are totally different compare with night time.

Side view of the SuperStar Virgo logo at level 12.

The Kid’s “Water World”

Nice place and view beside the Kid’s water world.

Took a picture at the lounge which also is the place to collect the passport. Love the view from the glass window.



We left the cruise around 11am. It was a nice trip for a first timer like me, and also for those who like to go casino to try their luck.

If you are a sea person and would like to look for a place to relax, this is really the perfect place for you.
If you are an active person, it’s actually not an exciting place for activities as their facilities n timing for shows are quite limited.
However, it’s worth to experience once in your life time. 🙂