Penang 2 Days “Eat·Play·Drink·Fun” Trip – Part II

Honey Quote of the Day:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
 Albert Einstein


Due to my new job, I’m really trying very hard to ‘squeeze’ my time out to blog. Ok, cut short the long story. Let’s continue my second day Penang Food Hunting journey. 🙂

Penang Food Marathon – Day 2

  • 11.00am — 黄昭君小食馆 Wong Chau Jun Restaurant (73, Rangoon Road, Penang)
  • Their Signature 王昭君蒜辣鱼头米粉, it looks ‘harmful’ but be careful when you taste it! Another Signature 鱼片蒸河粉 (Steamed Fish Slice Hor Fun), the fish is super fresh and perfect match with slippery flat rice noodle and special soy sauce!   
  • Homemade Tofu & Crispy Fish Paste Beancurd Roll -The soft tofu has the most moisture and is very smooth and slippery. The beancurd roll taste different when you have it plain and dip with the mayonnaise, thumb up!
  • 1.30pm – Chatime @ 1st Avenue
  • The new buble tea trend in Malaysia nowadays.
  • 2.30pm – Penang Laksa (sweet style) @ Jalan Perak – RM 2.50 / RM3.00   You can really see the fish in the laksa and it tasted a little sweeter compare with the laksa at the other place. The stall might look a little “cacat” but surprisingly there are a lot of customers keep coming to take away or eat especially during tea time.
  • 3.30pm – Straits Quay, another new chilled out place in Penang. The whole layout, building structure design plus the cafes and restaurants here will make you feel like travelling in a western country.
  • 4.00pm – Fourseaon Bakery @ Straits Quay
  • The design of the shop is very classy and atas. My friend bought a box of Madeleine. It is a traditional small cake from France and tasted like almond muffin, but one piece for RM3 dollars still consider quite expensive.
  • 6pm – Bukit Genting Hill, Leisure Park & Thai Restaurant
  • After 1 hour journey from Batu Ferringhi, finally we reach the destination!      
  • A very relax and cooling place for dinner with the high and nice view, remind me of a restaurant at Bali, Kintamani Volcano.
  • Tom Yam Soup & Fried Kang Kung – must try the fried kang kung
  • Their homemade Otak & Pandan Chicken – you can feel the real fish and seafood in the otak.
  • The Plak Rad Prik (deep fried fish with Thai sweet chilli sauce) 泰式三味鱼
  • 7.30pm – Penang Charcoal Char Kway Teow ((RM5) @ The Padang
  • Yes, in order not to waste time, we continue hunting for another food in my must try list, although my small little stomach was almost up to the neck!
  • See the ‘wok hei’ you will know how good it taste!
  • 8.30pm – Kimberly Street, Dessert and Duck Porridge Kway Chap (汕头街四果汤 + 鸭粥粿汁)
  • This traditional dessert shop has been around since 1933, one of the pioneer in the dessert seller in Penang. The Duck Porridge Kway Chap shop is just opposite the dessert shop, always long queue.
  • You can order the duck porridge and eat in the dessert shop. We had ‘si koh t’ng’ (RM2.60), Ginkgo Soup (RM2.60 & Readbean Soup (RM1.60). Can’t really appreciate the duck porridge kway chap as it’s all the duck pluck, but i must say the taste is quite special yet not smelling fishy.
  • 9.30pm – Pan Cake & Steam Rice Cake (RM0.70 each)
  • It’s located at the next street of Kimberly Street, it tasted very soft even it’s cold.
  • 10.30pm – Chulia Street Curry Mee (RM2.50)
  • The is not the best curry mee in town but it is still remain the traditional Penang curry mee taste. Normally the soup is white in color and you have to mix with the sambal chili paste.
  • 11pm – Fresh Boiled Milk @ Upper Penang Road (RM1.20)
  • Finally it comes to the end of my Food Marathon.
  • The milk is freshly collected from the farm every morning and normally they only start selling at 10pm. It’s so fresh and doesn’t taste very ‘milky’ like those packet milk which we usually drink. The Indian owner’s “Tarik” demonstration is really awesome. You can add the raw egg and other Milo too. But I still prefer the original taste. 🙂

Penang Trip – Day 3

8.30am – Bye bye Penang

The 2 doggies are my friend’s pet, called “Cheese” and “Milk”. I was a little being too overwhelmed by their super friendly gesture, always like to jump to you with the swaying tails. However, I could feel that they knew I’m leaving at their last glance before I went into the car. Sob sob…

Anyway, this is really an unforgettable and fruitful trip. I will be back next time! 🙂