Penang 2 Days “Eat·Play·Drink·Fun” Trip

Honey Quote of the Day:

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
 Albert Einstein


After 3 years, finally I came to the place where I had been spending my 3 years life to study my degree. This trip was a very special and rush trip, 90% of the places that I went were the places which I’ve never been before during my uni-life.

Penang Food Marathon – Day 1

Thanks for my dearest friend, Ken Yeoh, who is my Penang trip planner + accommodation & transportation provider, and Kar Liang, the best travel buddy, who has been spending 2 days to accompany me Eat and Eat and Eat…lol

2 days for 30++ dishes? You will think we are going crazy. And yes, this is my new “achievement” in my life. For those who love food, you will not want to miss this!

DAY 1 (Saturday) 

  • 10.30am — 垄尾福建面 (Hokkien Mee – RM2.70 & Hokkien Lor Mee – RM2.70)  Image   ImageFirst time trying the mixed Hokkien Mee & Lor Mee = Hokkien Lor Mee. People only come here for these 2 dishes. Sometimes you still have to wait for the seats. Oh ya, their ‘leng teh’ is very rich with the herbal taste. Must try!
  • 11.00am — Penang Road Cendol – RM2.00 
    Image   Image
  • One of my Top Recommendation in my Penang food list. Every time when I go Penang I will go to eat no matter how. Same taste, same quality but price has increased.
  • 12.00am — 喜昌隆火炭粿条汤 (Charcoal Kuay Teow Th’ng) – RM2.50   I always carving for charcoal cooking dishes. And yes, it didn’t disappointed me. The camera shy Aunty keep saying she doesn’t look good in camera.     
  • The busy boss is replying his email while I’m enjoying my kway teow soup. 🙂
  • 12.30am — 香脆油条 (Homemade Yu Tia0) – RM1.20/pc   The homemade Yu Tiao, whole shop only selling this item, so you will know how good it is in order to sustain the rental and the manpower cost. It quite expensive though.
  • 1.30pm — “Il Bacaro”, Campbell House High Tea   Fresh Mint Tea (RM8) and Lemon Custard Cake-forgot the actual name (RM12). The lemon taste goes extremely well with the mint tea.   
  • The vintage decor in the cafe, nice place to relax and rest especially after walking the hot sun for some times.
  • 2.30pm — 日本街肉粽茶餐室 (Kedai Makan Cintra Food Corner) – Dumpling, Yam Cake & Red Bean Soup
       The Red Bean Soup is really soft yet not starchy and sweet. Yam cake goes very well with the homemade sauce and some grated peanut.   
  • The “ba chang”. I don’t need to describe and you will know how nice it taste by seeing the picture. And remember, don’t ever eat the whole piece yourself!
  • ~ Praying at Guan Yin Temple ~
     It’s so crowded and smokey.
  • 4.00pm — Ali Bubur Kacang – RM1.20/bowl    
  • It’s started since 1950. You will be surprised with the unique taste, it’s actually a mixture of sweet and salty. The more you drink, the tastier it is.
  • 5.00pm — Mee Sotong (RM4.00) & Ice-cream Coconut (RM2.50) at Padang Kota Lama
  • The tasty but sinful dish – Mee Sotong. It’s actually Indian Mee Goreng topping with sambal Sotong gravy. If you are thirsty, the coconut with vanilla ice-cream is the best choice to “cool” yourself!
  • 6.15pm — Gear up and cycle to Ayer Hitam Dam    
  • First time cycling up hill, consider another achievement in my life! It needs a lot of core muscle strength and determination. I’m glad that I made it without pushing the bicycle up, although it took me 45 minutes while my friends only need 20 minutes. Yes, it’s tiring but fulfilling!
  • 7.30pm — Home and Showering
  • 8.30pm — Dinner at 闽江餐室 Ayer Hitam – Tomyam Seafood Noodle & Ngoh Hiong    
  • You will never forget the strong Tomyam taste with the fresh seafood, best when you have it in a cooling night!
  • 9.30pm — Kungfu Night 2012 at DTSP USM (sorry for late, but luckily still manage to see the Drum Performance & Lion Dance, well done juniors!) 
  • 11.00pm — Penang new chilled out place, Nueve @ Precienct 10. Nice to catch up with my ex-housemates and uni-mates, Soo Yong, Cai Ting, Sheang Meng, Ah Lim, Benedict and nice to meet Ben’s pretty girlfriend. It was a great time with you all, short and sweet. 🙂

**Stay tune for my Day 2 Food Marathon…. 😉